Participate In A Quest

It’s Your Passion, Let us tell your story.

Locally noted is one of the most innovative marketing initiatives available to you today. We create interactive experiences that will meet or exceed your marketing objectives. We do this by engaging with consumers in a fresh way by providing “Quests For Extraordinary Experiences”.

As a participant first we will tell your story to create a bond with the consumer. By telling your story on a personal level the consumer will learn the story behind your business. Why is this your passion, why did you choose this location, do you have partners, how did you get started? Build repour with the consumer and let us create a loyalty bond.

Then, Let’s give them an experience that guides them through your objective. We create a gamified experience with “Road Blocks”. These “Road Blocks” give us the ability to achieve your objectives. Have a new product? Let’s have them try it and give you feedback. Do you want to gain exposure to a new outdoor seating area. Let’s guide them there to retrieve a code that unlocks the “Road Block” The opportunities are endless and each experience us custom designed to meet your objectives.

Lastly, we will provide reports showing you the results and effectiveness every step of the way.

Ask yourself one question: If we where to send 500 people through your doors tomorrow, what would you want them to do? We can help with that.

We look forward to meeting you!

Quest Participant Request

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