Welcome to Locally Noted.

So what is going on here you ask?

Locally Noted is a way to create new experiences to interact with local businesses. The consumer chooses an area of interest and we provide an interactive fun way to experience some offerings from local businesses.

For instance, You enjoy craft beers… great! We are going to guide you through a series of “way-points” ( Local Breweries ). At each “way-point” you will learn about that business, the owners, how they got started and why this is their passion! Hear the back story, many are very interesting! Most all of these business offer some kind of discount or item included with your quest that might be a flight of beer or a big discount for participants.

Not so fast… at each “way-point” you will encounter some sort of “Road Block”! These “Road Block’s” will be interactive challenges that may be searching for a hidden item, solving a riddle, help naming a product, trying new products. As an example you may be presented with a flight of their 6 newest brews and you will be tasked to try them all and rank them in order of your favorite.

Once you complete the “Road Block” task, you will be presented with a reward and unlock your next “Way-Point”.

These quest are typically not designed as a sprint! They are designed to be taken in over a few outings depending on your schedule and enjoying you time spent with each business and really get to know your local business owners!

There are many themed Quests on the horizon from “Date Night” to “Caffeine Addict”, “Iconic Eats”, “Local History”, “Family Friendly”, “Sweet Tooth” and many more to come!

We look forward to bringing you some extraordinary experiences!

Thank you for supporting local business!

Your Locally Noted team!