The War Zone

The War Zone

Vanessa Grimaldi made history when she opened Springfield’s very first Nerf gun arena, The War Zone, at 305 W. Walnut Lawn Suite TT. When you first walk into this local business, you may think that you’ve stepped onto some kind of real-life video game battlefield. 

And guess what? You’d be pretty much 100% correct. 

You’ll see brightly painted graffiti on the walls, boxes and other cover scattered across the room; and a wall full of over 100 different Nerf guns… with more being added all the time. This is the arsenal; the location where you’ll sign your waiver, choose your weapon, and enter the Nerf-war fray that The War Zone has come to be known for. 

Vanessa runs the business with her son. They host date nights, corporate events, birthday parties—pretty much any type of event you can think of. They’ve expanded the business to include a seating area with tables, and are looking forward to hosting romantic (if slightly crazy) Nerf gun date nights for any and all Springfieldians with a craving for adventure! Bring some food or wine, and let the Nerf darts fly.