The Bonsai Guy

The Bonsai Guy

The Bonsai Guy is a locally-owned small business founded by Chris Cox. From his small shop, located on Walnut Street near downtown Springfield, Chris grows, sells, and coaches others in growing and selling Bonsai Trees, which are small trees grown in pots or containers. 

From the outside, it looks like a quaint little shop surrounded by mulch and unique decor. But on the inside, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve walked into a fantasy world of miniature trees. They’re planted in all kinds of assorted and differently-styled pots and containers. The moment you walk in, you’ll literally feel like you’ve been transported to a different time and place. The atmosphere is ambient, relaxing, and rejuvenating; with the fresh smells of trees and soil permeating the air. 

Chris started off growing these little trees in this backyard and selling them at craft shows and farmer’s markets. But over time, the business started growing so much that he opened his own shop. He offers one-on-one private lessons/classes, and also coordinates with other local businesses to host romantic date-night activities within the quaint, eclectic environment of his Bonsai tree shop.  

If you have a passionate love or interest for small trees in pots, The Bonsai Guy is the shop for you.